Happy (belated) birthday, Hermione!

Herminone Jean Granger turned 35 on Sept 19th. Happy Birthday, Hermione!  My first thought for Hermione’s birthday was MCDHAPO EC495that, being the daughter of dentists, she’s probably not into a super sweet cake. I bet she stays away from sweets as much as one possibly can in the wizarding world. Since there wasn’t much talk of Hermione and food in the books, I turned to Emma Watson’s favorites. Emma Watson is pretty darn amazing, so I feel confident that she and Hermione may have liked the same things. I also really like to imagine that Hermione is vegetarian or vegan since starting SPEW seems like a pretty vegan thing to do.

I found this short interview about some of Emma Watson’s favorite things and they seem like things Hermione might also like.


“Mexican food. I make a really amazing [tofu] tortilla in the morning. It’s my special thing. I make guacamole, salsa, and scrambled [tofu], and then I cook the tortilla. It’s pretty simple, really, but yummy.”

This one is really easy to make vegan! It sounds like she’s talking more about a breakfast burrito than a Spanish tortilla. My personal preference for tofu scramble lately is super simple. No added vegetables. No chopping. No real prep involved. It makes for the perfect quick breakfast, lunch or dinner and it goes with any type of cuisine. Vegan Mom’s Tofu Scramble from Vegan Dad is the best. 


“…chocolate chip banana bread, which I’m obsessed with. I think I’ve made it five times in the past three weeks. “

My favorite banana bread is the Lower Fat Banana Bread from Veganomicon. It’s not posted online officially, but Isa has two other fabulous banana breads on her blog that you can easily add chocolate chips to. I think Hermione would be into these.
1. Marbled Banana Bread
2. Zucchini Banana Bread

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