Mrs. Weasley’s Triple Bacon Sandwiches

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Mrs. Weasley serves up bacon sandwiches (or bacon buttys) to the boys before their trip to Diagon Alley in their second year of school. Apparently they ate a half dozen of them! Maybe they were more like sliders? It’s probably just that teenagers are super hungry. 

For a vegan version, I made an eggplant and shiitake bacon sandwich with fake bacon bits for some extra crunch. And I know there was never any mention of salad in the books, but muggles need to eat their green vegetables! 

DSC00330 (2)

This was made using Eggplant Bacon from The PPK with some sliced shiitake mushrooms marinated along with the eggplant. About 1 pound of eggplant and shiitakes combined made enough for 2 sandwiches. Served on country white bread with vegenaise. These would be really cute made into mini sandwiches for a party or served open faced on mini toasts. Feel free to leave the bacon bits off or use tempeh or seitan bacon for your third bacon. You really can’t go wrong. I don’t know about eating these for breakfast, but I’d give it a shot. 

7 thoughts on “Mrs. Weasley’s Triple Bacon Sandwiches”

  1. i think “third bacon” is probably a vegan exclusive. everyone else assumes we must be dying without bacon, but we have, like, eighty bacons.

  2. This looks scrummy. Though, I will tell you, bacon sarnies in the UK are always served with ketchup or “brown sauce”, whatever that is.And definitely not with salad. I have never eaten meat bacon so I can’t attest for whether the ketchupiness is good or wrong.

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