9 thoughts on “The Tofu Guru: Wizard in the Kitchen”

  1. This is amazing! I’ve been looking at Harry Potter based food all morning and finally I found these vegan versions!
    That butterbeer looks horrendously sweet, though. I think my ears would start to ring if I tried to drink it, haha. But I want to try the rest – especially the chocolate cauldrons.

  2. Gotta say, this blog is totally awesome and the Harry Larry guy in that video was really funny. As much of a jerk as the “real” HP.

  3. The music was great and of course, the recipes are too! I was looking all over for a easy and delicious recipe for vegan butterbeer and none had satisfied me until this video. Who was the band by the way?

  4. Loved this video! Who WAS the band? I simply must find them. The only thing about this is butterbeer was always warm in the book, so i will have to experiment to make it warm… does anyone know a good way to do that??

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